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The current scale factor is factory set; however, it may be desirable to change the scale factor or re-calibrate if the settings have been misadjusted. Required will be a brake, two voltmeters, a small screwdriver, and a potentiometer (pot) or 0-10 VDC power supply.  


Connect all components electrically before powering on the system. See Schematic 1 for reference.

  1. Couple the brake (C- & C+) to terminals 7 & 8 on the green 8-pin terminal connector. 

  2. Connect the first voltmeter to “CUR CMD” and “GND.”

  3. Connect the second voltmeter to “I COIL” and “GND.”

  4. Connect a potentiometer (or DC voltage source) to CMD+ and CMD- to terminals 1 & 2 on the 8-pin terminal connector.

  5. Connect the power supply, PS1, to a 115 VAC wall outlet.

  6. With the CUR CMD set to zero, turn the “OFFSET” pot, R1 (labeled “O”) until Voltmeter #2 reads zero.

  7. Set the potentiometer so that Voltmeter #1 (CUR CMD) reads 10 VDC.

  8. Set the “GAIN” pot, R1 (labeled “G”), to the desired current.  NOTE: the current is measured across a 0.1-ohm resistor which means that for 1.0 amps commanded to the brake, the voltmeter should read 0.1 VDC.

  9. Verify that setting the CUR CMD to zero still provides zero amps to the brake.  For good measure, check a few voltage settings between the minimum and maximum CUR CMD values and verify that the current output is linear.


PS Calibration.png
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