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Even though the CTPS is calibrated at the factory, the system comes with a calibration weight. Though very minimal, the calibration may drift slightly due to a naturally occurring drift in analog amplifiers that boost a strain gauge signal. The calibration may also drift due to large temperature changes in the atmosphere or rogue heat provided from the sun, heater, lamp, nearby machinery, etc. Or, perhaps one just wishes to verify that the system is properly calibrated.

Calibrating the system takes only a minute or two. First, the zero or “Balance” must be set. Secondly, the “gain” may be set, by placing the calibration weight on one of the platforms (tension or compression). 


The LCD display may be used for calibration, or if more precision is desired, a voltmeter plugged into the “CAL” ports may also be used.

Magnetic Brake Systems (MBS) Calibration Platforms


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