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  • Overview of the test

  • Detail description of items under test

  • List of equipment to perform the test

  • Documentation of set-up

  • Detailed procedure for testing

  • Measured data

  • Calculated data

  • Performance graphs

  • Calibration certificates (if applicable)


MBS provides motor testing services for DC, AC 1ph & AC 3ph motors ranging from fractional HP up to 200 HP continuous. In addition, we perform testing of motors with VFD’s (Variable Frequency Drives). Testing may be performed per IEEE 112 Standards or custom requirements. MBS also has the capability to provide dual-motor testing where two motors are tested simultaneously to measure load sharing.​

To prevent motor damage or where the power source or controller cannot provide the power required, reduced voltage testing may be performed for locked rotor and breakdown torque testing.​

MBS employs its magnetic brakes, from 0.10 to 100 HP water-cooled magnetic brakes. Shown to the right is one of the 100 HP brakes, model MBZ-17.5W (water-cooled), testing a 100 HP motor.


MBS utilizes a 200 kW diesel-powered generator for the 3 phase power source on the larger motors to be tested. For smaller motors, testing may be done on one of our dynamometers that we manufacture/sell.

Testing is performed at our facility in Camarillo, CA using MBS products such as our magnetic brakes and proprietary software. Client representatives may be present during testing. Before any written quote can be provided, exacted specifications of the testing requirements must be submitted in writing.

Types of testing provided (but not limited to):​​​​

  • Speed vs. Torque curves

  • Locked Rotor

  • Breakdown Torque

  • Endurance testing

  • Efficiency

  • Power Factor

  • Slip

  • Harmonics

  • THD (Harmonic Distortion Coefficient)

  • Voltage to frequency ratio

  • Electrical noise

  • Overhauling Torque

  • Loading braking resistors in a VFD

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