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The controller houses a data acquisition unit, a microprocessor(s) for the brake(s), power supplies, and other system components. In addition, controllers may come pre-wired for transducers and alternative inputs to be captured by the MBS software.

The footprint of the controller is approximately 17.25” wide x 17.0” deep and 7” tall. It weights around 28 lbs.

Ready Signal

In the back of the dynamometer's controller are the input jacks to couple the signal cables from the dynamometer structure, a USB cable to couple to the computer and a DB9 style connector. One of the inputs in the DB9 is allocated for the “Ready Signal.” This signal allows the operator to start and stop a test remotely for time-sensitive tests. The operator may configure and “arm” the dynamometer. When a signal ranging from 3.3 VDC to 10 VDC is sent to the controller, the system starts capturing data. When the test is done, or the signal falls below 3 volts, the test stops.

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