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Dynamometers, or “dyno’s,” are used for measuring motor torques and therefore power as a function of speed. More specifically, they may be employed for testing electric motors, internal combustion engines, hydraulic motors, pneumatic motors, etc. Dyno’s may also apply a known load to a motor for endurance testing while simulating real-world applications. There are several different types of dynamometers:

  • Power Absorption Dyno which converts kinetic energy into heat.

  • Inertial Dyno which measures the power required to accelerate a known mass. 

  • Regenerative Dyno recycles the motor power.

  • Chassis Dyno tests motorized vehicles (i.e. truck or car).

MBS Dynamometer model DB5-8.7T-FM

Magnetic Brake Systems (MBS) manufactures power absorption dynamometers that incorporate MBS magnetic brakes.

The brakes for the dynamometers are sized based on power dissipation and required torque. 


Performance curves for the brakes may be found in the magnetic brakes tab.


There are many ways to measure the input power and output power from a motor, but all too often there is not a good way to capture and translate all the data simultaneously. When building a system in-house, the development time, manufacturing costs and the lengthy process of documenting all the operations, make staying within budgets or deadlines extremely difficult. MBS provides reasonably priced systems that save companies time and money and allow them to focus on what is important - development and service of their products.

MBS Dynamometer System

Each system comes as a complete unit which includes the Dynamometer Structure, Dynamometer ControllerDynamometer Laptop Computer with proprietary MBS software, interconnecting cables, and calibration weight. There are no software licenses required, no external calibrations or re-occurring charges. Both the controller and laptop computer need 120/240 VAC.

The majority of our dynamometers use natural convection air-cooled brakes; thus, there are no complicated cooling systems or highly costly compressed air. The MBS brakes, used in our dynamometers, can dissipate as much as eight times the power compared to other brake manufacturers (according to published specifications for the same size brakes and same cooling methods).

When purchasing a dynamometer, a customer may send MBS a motor which we will then mount and use for system verification. Upon uncrating, the customer receives a turn-key system.

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