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The operational procedures are as follows:

  1. Power on the system and let the load cell amplifier stabilize (warm up) for a few minutes.

  2. If desired, calibrate or check the calibration of the load cell. This should take approximately a minute or less.

  3. Select the source of the tension command signal with the selector switch (i.e. Manual or Remote).

  4. Set the tension of the system.

  5. Start the take-up and monitor the LED for proper system operation. Initially, the start-up tension will be low because the CTPS needs a few input pulses (less than one revolution of the spool) to calculate the coil diameter. The controller will ramp up to the set torque while compensating for inertial tension due to acceleration.  

  6. If the system is stopped before the tension command is reduced to zero, and the brake is too cogged to start or thread the system, press the de-cog button to manually de-cog the brake. If starting the system back up with the same spool and same set tension, de-cogging is not necessary.

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