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The MBS magnetic brakes are a combination of hysteresis and eddy current brakes. Our brakes are frictionless which means there is no wear, no dirt or dust being generated allowing for minimal maintenance.

Hysteresis brakes have been around for over 50 years. However, MBS brakes differ from those from our competitors by:

  • Internal air cooling

  • High power dissipation

  • Linear torque output

  • Static de-cogging

MBS manufactures three different series (the model MB, the model MBL, and the model MBZ) and five different sizes; our brakes sizes are based on the outside diameter of the brake.  


MB series brakes, our basic model, are similar to other brakes on the market.

MBL series brakes have a linear torque output that is proportional to the torque command input.

MBZ series brakes are the same as the MBL series but are equipped with a static de-cogg function.


Below a certain speed, the power dissipation of the MBS brakes is limited by the maximum torque provided by the brake, and above a certain speed, by the operating temperature of the drag ring. Therefore, care must be taken not to exceed the temperature limits. For the models MBL and MBZ, a temperature sensor may be purchased with the brake to prevent over-heating of the drag ring that could lead to damage to the brake. As a result of this temperature rise, the outside of the brake may become extremely hot, exceeding 100 degrees C; thus, caution must be taken.


MBS also manufactures Dynamometers and Constant Tension Payoff Systems utilizing the MBS brakes.

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