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The MBS thermal switch works in conjunction with the MBS controller for the MBL or MBZ model brakes. The switch's function is to monitor the real-time temperature of the spinning drag ring and report the information to the controller. Using data from the thermal switch, the controller will shut the power off to the brake if the temperature reaches the maximum operating limit.


The thermal switch works best in a clean environment; if the brake is in a dirty environment (i.e., dust, grease, etc.), a clean air source is recommended to provide a positive pressure in the brake for optimum operating conditions. Verification of operations includes up to the 1-minute power dissipation level (the power switching time will be earlier than the published one-minute value and will also depend on the brake's initial drag ring and body temperature). The switch may be used with all sizes of MBS brakes except model 2.4. 

Thermal Switch

MBZ-8.7 with a Thermal Switch

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