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The CTPS Control Panel is the primary control for the system. The secondary control is through the remote cable. The control panel is comprised of the following: ​​

Magnetic Brake Systems (MBS) CTPS Controle panel - FRONT
  1. AC power switch 

  2. Manual / Remote Switch 

  3. L.E.D. 

  4. LCD Display 

  5. Manual Tension Control 

  6. Balance and Gain Potentiometers 

  7. Remote Tension control 

  8. Load Cell Signal Test Points 

  9. De-cog Button and Cogging



With the switch set to “Manual,” setting the tension and de-cog control are strictly limited to the control panel. 

The E-Stop signal, located only on the remote cable, is still active.


If the switch is set to “Remote,” the tension control knob and de-cog switch are no longer active on the control panel. The tension setting and de-cog switch are strictly limited to the remote cable. 

The E-Stop signal is still active.


There is a green LED on the face of the control panel; it acts as a status signal. The function is to provide the operator with feedback that the system is powered on and working properly. 

  • If solid green, the system is in normal operation. 

  • If flashing while paying out media, the rate of flashing will tell the operator which signal is not being received by the system. 

The status signal, optically provided by the LED is also available from the remote cable; this allows for the remote monitoring.


MBS uses Amphenol style connectors which are keyed and report with a “snap” when fully screwed in.  In addition to using keys in the pinholes, port names are machined into the panels and the cables are labeled.  These features help guarantee that cables are connected correctly and fully engaged. ​

J1 through J4 are the inputs and outputs to connect all the components of the system to the controller. 

J2 is for the Remote Cable which gives remote access for the tension command, de-cog button, provides a remote signal for the LED, and is the only input for the Emergency Stop (or E-stop) signal.  Unless otherwise specified, the standard cable length is six (6) feet.



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