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The measured information is captured and displayed by a laptop computer, using the proprietary MBS LabVIEW based software.

Graphs may be saved in bitmap format (.bmp) and the raw data as a text file (.txt). For custom analysis, the raw data, in tab-delimited format, may be exported into programs, such as Excel. The software is highly configurable. Users may select the display scale limits, operating units, file & graph titles, scale factors for transducer inputs, different types of voltage and current transducers.

Operators may apply the torque to the motor under test in different methods such as a step input, ramping (up or down) over a period of time or program a sequence of applied torques. ​

The sampling rate is adjustable giving the flexibility of good resolution for short term tests (10 – 15 seconds) to low resolution for longer tests (minutes, hours or days).

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