The MB Series (Magnetic Brake)

The MB series are electrically similar to simple hysteresis brakes. The electrical input to the brake consists of two wire leads. The current or voltage is controlled by the customer. At zero RPM the MB series brakes have the same torque characteristics as hysteresis brakes. As shown in the torque vs. speed curves for the various MB models, the torque increases with the speed. This phenomenon substantially increases the torque output of the brakes but must be taken into account by the customer.

Model MB-2.4

Specifications - English (in·oz)

MBS builds dynamometers utilizing the MBS magnetic brakes.
Dynamometer bases are available at a nominal cost to meet the customer specifications.

Specifications - English (ft·lb)

Specifications - SI

*with zero current to the brake coil, this torque is due to air drag, bearing friction etc.

**torque value at 1,400 rpm


The MBS brakes are meant only for OEM applications. The outside of the brakes may get EXTREMELY HOT. No shields are provided with the brake. Customers should contact MBS for custom designed shields.