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Magnetic Brake Systems (MBS) is a division of Technical Film System, Inc. (TFS). TFS was incorporated in 1984 and manufactured 35 mm and 70 mm professional motion picture film processing and printing equipment for all the key film laboratories worldwide.


Hysteresis brakes are an integral part of TFS’s equipment (i.e., feed stations and film rewinds) due to the precision and repeatability in torque and almost zero maintenance. However, to incorporate hysteresis brakes into the equipment, the engineers had to solve the two fundamental problems: non-linearity and cogging. Another issue was continuous power dissipation without the aid of compressed air or expensive cooling methods.


The first R&D on improving magnetic brakes started approximately the same time TFS was incorporated. Now, MBS specializes in the design and manufacturing of contact-less magnetic brakes (a combination of hysteresis and eddy current brakes). In addition, MBS expanded the product line by incorporating the magnetic brakes in dynamometers and Constant Tension Pay-off Systems (CTPS).  

The Motion Picture Academy of Arts and Science has recognized TFS’s products and engineering achievements with two Oscars and several 2nd class awards.

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